H&M Eyeshadow Palette

Hi again, I’m back with another beauty favourite! This time I found an eyeshadow palette that has a great bang for your buck!! I was browsing and window shopping through H&M’s online website when I came along their beauty section and found this gem. And guess what? It was on sale for just $5.99 and still is! Go grab one before they are gone by clicking here!!
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Eyebuydirect glasses

Hey everyone, hope you’re doing well! Recently, I came across this website while being on the hunt for some new glasses and came across eyebuydirect.com. As I have discovered this website, I was shocked by the low prices starting at just $9!! They were also currently having a BOGO sale at that moment so I had to pick a pair up for my sister and I.

I was a little skeptical and hesitated on buying glasses online, but upon watching several reviews on youtube I have heard nothing but great news about eyebuydirect. My sister and I spent hours scrolling through the variety of styles offered and finally chose out the one we wanted to try. We stuck with just basic frames but plan on searching for some fun ones sometime in the near future.



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